Welcome to the Formation Centre Munich!

The Formation Centre Munich is one of the eleven scholasticates in Europe where Jesuits in formation may do their studies in philosophy and theology. Students of the Formation Centre study together with lay students at the Hochschule für Philosophie founded in 1972. The Hochschule is situated in the center of Munich, in close proximity to the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität (University of Munich) and to the Bavarian State Library.

Most of the professors and lecturers at the Hochschule live in the adjacent community, the Berchmanskolleg.  The Statio Aloisius Gonzaga and the Statio Alberto Hurtado are the two formation communities in Munich. The Community Aloisius Gonzaga is located in the same building as the Hochschule and the Community Alberto Hurtado is located next to St. Korbinian’s Church in München-Sendling, six subway stations away.

The Formation Centre is an internationally diverse group.  Among the 22 Jesuit faculty members and scholastics, ten nations are represented. The Formation Centre offers a summer German-language course for Jesuits who are interested in studying in Munich as well as for other interested Jesuits. There are many other possibilities for learning the German language in Munich. The Jesuit Missions Office in Nuremberg offers scholarships to qualifying Jesuit students.